Oils & Lubricants 

Superior Lubricants

We at RTK Dimech stock a wide array of lubricants, oils and greases from the internationally renowned brand Fuchs and its subsidiary Silkolene by Fuchs

Engine Oil

Engine Oils

Engines cannot run smoothly without clean oil. This form of lubricant helps to avoid engine damage. When engine oil remains unchanged, contamination from combustion by-products can accumulate and turn into sludge – resulting in engine deterioration. We sell a range of oils from Fuchs and Silkolene by Fuchs. All of these oils meet the latest parameters required for new engine technology – we also stock classic lubricants for those in need of such technology 

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

Ideal to keep hydraulic braking systems working efficiently and effectively.

motorcycle oils

Motorcycle Oils

Fuchs Silkolene manufactures a wide range of high performance oils.

Racetrack Oils

Racetrack Oils

We have the range, contact us.

Countless Industrial Uses

Our oils and lubricants are not only ideal for the automotive industry. We at RTK Dimech Co Ltd proudly serve a number of local industries with our selection of high-quality lubricants, oils and sealants.

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