Parts & Supplies

Automotive Parts & Supplies

We at RTK Dimech Co Ltd are pleased to present our customers with the biggest brands in the automotive parts and supplies industry. Our products range from brake parts. Automotive filters, shock absorbers and coolants – all from licensed manufacturers.

Spark Plugs

spark plugs

Spark plugs are vital when it comes to starting your engine. They help in producing a smooth fuel burn. We hold a choice of spark plugs from Denso.

Glow Plug

Glow Plugs

The Denso glow plugs are a staple in the Japanese car production industry. They are ideal for diesel engines and are renowned for their efficiency and speed.



Get your hands on a range of high-quality Denso windshield wiper blades that include hybrid blades, conventional bracket wipers and flat blades.

Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

The Bilstein shock absorbers available at our store are used in prestigious brands thanks to their high-end undercarriage engineering solutions.



At our store, you can also find a choice of forged racing Mahle pistons – a brand trusted by the well-known Formula1 team Scuderia Ferrari.

Car Belts


We sell V-belts, timing belts and driving belts manufactured and engineered by the world-trusted German manufacturer Optibelt. 

Car Filters


We sell a choice of Mahle automotive filters designed to supply the car with clean oil and clean air, avoid window fogging and protect the HVAC system.



Coolants as you may need, contact us.



We hold a choice of British-made EBC brakes – manufactured to E11 regulations.